Runnels 2019 Spring Art Show Winners Announced


The 2019 Runnels School-Wide Spring Art Show, held as part of the Festival of Arts on May 5, featured more than 1,000 pieces of original artwork created by students in preschool through high school.  For the exhibit, the school gym was styled as an upscale art gallery, with paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures, and digitally designed student art on display. 
Awards were presented in the categories of Judge’s Choice, Principal’s and Librarian’s Choice, and Student’s Choice. Two-dimensional (2D) artwork winning Judge’s Choice awards in grades 7-12 will be on display in the foyer of the Gladys Hague Runnels Theater on the school’s main campus for the next school year. Principal’s and Librarian’s Choice award winners will go on permanent display in school offices and libraries.
Organizing and mounting the show were art department head Lee Brandt Randall and faculty members Sydney McGraw, Nicole Latiolais, Burgundy Brumfield, Jennifer Leeper, Lauren Downing, Laura Russell, Amy Sandifer, and Katrina Ray. 
Judge’s Choice
Junior High 
2-D: Emma Collett (8), “Dragonfly,” scratchboard
2-D: Aidan Dooley (7), “The Fuzzy Bee,” paper mache
3-D: Ella Brigman (8), “Blue Lead Beetle,” paper mache and wire
High School
2-D:  Alexis Rogers (12), “Cat Scratch Board,” scratchboard
2-D:  Eric Ho (11), “Jellyfish,” scratchboard)
3-D:  Ava Comeaux (10), “Mosquito Hawk,” Paper Mache & Wire
AP Art (High School Advanced Placement)  
Seth Miller (12), “Calamity,” pen and ink
Media Arts (High School) 
Jillian Edmonson (12), “Jackie Brown Movie Poster,” digital media
Madisan Milam (10), “Turtle Pancake Mutant Hybrid,” digital media
Principal’s and Librarian’s Choice Awards
Elementary Principal’s Choice 
Alaina Milam (5), “Whooping Crane,” mixed media
Andrew Hart (4), “Cello,” mixed media
Enzo Rovai (6), “Still Life,” ebony pencil
Amelia Guess (6), “Wolf,” charcoal
Jordan Bergeron (3), “Red Dog,” tempera
Elementary Assistant Principal's Choice 
Chloe Hall (6), “Blue Footed Booby,” pastel
Elementary Librarian’s Choice
Rowen Basso (6), “Sea Turtle,” pastel
Sophia Dodd (6), “Red Panda,” pastel
Jr./Sr. High Principal’s Choice 
Erin Oehrle (11), “Frida, Low Poly Portrait,” digital media
Barrett Couvillion (10), “Ice Cream,” ceramic
Jensen Holliday (9), “Susurrus,” oil painting
Alexis Rogers (12), “Billie,” pen and ink
Jr./Sr. High Vice Principal's Choice 
Phoebe Koontz (8), “Self-Portrait,” oil
Katherine Oehrle (10), “Sunset,” acrylic
Rachel Hargrove (11), “Dog Pop Art Portrait,” digital media
Jr./Sr. High Assistant Principal's Choice
Minna Ismail (11), “Not my Brother,” watercolor
Student’s Choice
2-D ART (Grades 1-3)
1st,  Lucas Smith (2), “Bobo Dog,” tempera
2nd, Lauren Wheeler (3), “Self Portrait,” colored pencils
3rd (tie), Peyton Troxler (3), “Self Portrait,” colored pencils and Adleigh Watts (2), “Hoo, Hoo, Hoo,” watercolor resist   
Honorable Mention, Macy Grace (2), “Blue Dog Striped Background,” tempera
Honorable Mention, Jackson Phillips (3), “Dramatic Heart,” oil pastel
Honorable Mention, Jimbo Sandefur (3), “Dog Vader,” tempera
2-D ART (Grades 4-6)
1st, Molly Banquer (4), “Selfie,” watercolor
2nd, Maeve Dolan (5), “Snowy Peacock,” mixed media
3rd, Alaina Milam (5), “Whooping Crane,” mixed media
Honorable Mention, Dylan Evans (6), “Still Life,” ebony pencil
Honorable Mention, Leyna Huynh (6), “Panda,” pastel
3-D ART (Grades 4-6)
1st, Molly Banquer (4), “Pizza Slice #8,” soft sculpture
2nd, Madden Guidry (4), “Pizza Slice #17,” soft sculpture
3rd, Carter Rogillio (4), “Pizza Slice #36,” soft sculpture
2-D ART (Junior High)
1st, Eli Latiolais (8), “Praise the Sun,” ink
2nd, Ethan Ho (8), “Lakers vs the Bulls,” ink 
3rd, Molly Sandifer (8), “Mannequin,” ink
Honorable Mention, Ava McCann (7), “Studious Puppy,” colored pencil
Honorable Mention, Emma Collett (8), “Dragonfly,” scratchboard
3-D ART (Junior High)
1st, Chelsea Holden (8), “Cannibalism,” ceramic
2nd, Dylan Sternberg (8), “Sponge Bob House,” colored pencil sculpture
3rd, Aidan Dooley (7), “Hyena,” ceramic
Honorable Mention, Ella Brigman (8), “Blue Leaf Beetle,” paper mache and wire
2-D ART (High School)
1st, Jillian Edmonson (12), “The Bridge,” pen and ink 
2nd (tie), Alexis Rogers (12), “Accordion Fold Book,” mixed medium and Alexis Rogers (12), “Curious: A Self-Portrait,” prismacolor
3rd, Alexis Rogers (12), “Cat Scratch Board,” scratchboard
Honorable Mention, Eric Ho (11), “Jellyfish,” scratchboard
Honorable Mention, Eric Ho (11), “Shattered,” prismacolor
Honorable Mention, Parker Collett (10), “Really, Really Bad Hair Day,” pen and ink
Honorable Mention, Josh Freeman (11), “Just Saying Hello,” prismacolor
3-D ART (High School)
1st, Brandon Hall (11), “Do you see the Flavor?” mixed medium
2nd, Blake Siewert (12), “Vase,” glazed ceramic
3rd, Blake Siewert (12), “The Tree,” plaster and paint 
Honorable Mention, Brandon Hall (11), “Mushroom,” 3D print
Honorable Mention, Kayleigh Nicholson (12), “You are my sunshine.” Plaster and paint
Media Arts (High School)
1st, Madisan Milam (10), “Turtle Pancake, Mutant Hybrid,” digital media
2nd, Drew Burbank (9), “Tom Holland, Pop Art,” digital media
3rd, Erin Oehrle (11), “Visual Story,” digital media
Honorable Mention, Erin Oehrle (11), “Frida, Low Poly Portrait,” digital media
Honorable Mention, Seth Chiasson (12), “Modern Classic,” digital media
AP Art (High School)
1st, Seth Miller (12), “Self-Portrait,” mixed media
2nd, Seth Miller (12), “Tribute to Peter Maxx,” mixed media
3rd, Sarah Stanfield (11), “Pinkie,” prismacolor
Honorable Mention, Seth Miller, “Calamity,” ink