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In compliance with Gov. John Bel Edwards' directive to close K-12 schools in an effort to halt the spread of coronavirus, Runnels will be closed Monday, March 16 through April 30. Parents and students, please continue to check your email for more information and updates.


Apply to Runnels

On September 1st of each year, Runnels begins accepting applications for the following school year. To apply, submit your application along with any required forms, documents and/or fees on or after September 1st of the year prior to the school year for which you are seeking admission. The date we receive your application is a factor — but only one of several factors — affecting final admission. Return your completed application and documents/fees to the Admissions and Information Office. Your initial application is not a guarantee of admission and carries no obligation for either party.

Admissions and Information Office:

17255 S. Harrell’s Ferry Rd.  Baton Rouge, LA  70816
Information/Admissions Phone:  225-215-5706
Information/Admissions Fax: 225-215-5720

After receipt of your completed application and required documents/fees, we will contact you to schedule an interview and any academic testing that is required.

Preschool Application

Admission to Runnels Preschool is based only on the availability of space in the program. (The admission procedure at the kindergarten level and higher includes an entrance exam and submission of records from previously attended schools.)

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Application Packet

Admission to Runnels Kindergarten and Elementary School is based on application supported by interview, examination, and - where applicable - records from previously attended schools.

Required Documents:

  • Copy of the applicant's Birth Certificate
  • One completed Confidential Reference form filled out by preschool/kindergarten teacher
  • If applying to 1st grade:  One copy of kindergarten report card and Confidential Reference form

2nd – 6th Grade Application Packet

Required Documents:

  • Copy of the applicant's Birth Certificate
  • Copies of report cards from the last three years
  • One copy of most recent standardized test scores
  • Three completed Confidential Reference forms: Two from current school (two academic area teachers or one teacher and one administrator) and one from a personal family friend (not family member)

7th – 12th Grade Application Packet

Students seeking admission to Runnels Junior and Senior High School must provide evidence of interest in learning and the ability to learn. Each student is viewed as an individual and evaluated in a number of different areas. Applicants must submit a completed application form and supporting documents accompanied by the specified application fee.
Admission testing in reading, English, and math will be scheduled. A personal interview with the junior and senior high principal is also required. At least one parent or guardian must accompany the student to the interview. Once academic testing is completed and necessary benchmarks assessed, appointments for optional shadowing may be scheduled. 
All students are expected to agree to work with great diligence and make satisfactory progress toward graduation if they wish to remain at Runnels.
Required Documents and Fee due by April 1, 2020
  • Copies of report cards from the last three years and high school transcripts if applicable
  • Copy of the applicant's social security card
  • Copy of most recent standardized test scores
  • Three completed Confidential Reference forms: Two from current school (two academic area teachers or one teacher and one administrator) and one personal family friend (not family member)
  • Signed Authorization to Release Records form
  • $50 non-refundable application fee

If you need additional information or have any questions please contact Director of Admissions Sarah Haase 225.215.5706, or email her at

*In order to complete the following online applications, please download the file to your computer, open it with Adobe Acrobat, complete the fill-able form and save.  Email the application as an attachment to  You can also print the forms, complete by hand and fax them to 225-753-0276.


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