Runnels | Independent School, Baton Rouge


Newly Published Poets at Runnels


Twenty-four Runnels students were recently notified that their original poems had been accepted for publication in Creative Communications’ upcoming anthology, A Celebration of Poets, due to be published in the fall. Eighteen of the newly published poets are in fourth grade and six are high school freshmen.
The newly published fourth-grade writers are Dana Badawi, Lila Brumfield, Emerson Corder, Wesleigh Doughty, Kendall Eastman-Stuart, Tyler Felton, Harper Guay, Dax Jones, Jonah Kennedy, Alyssa Lee, Ethan Ly, Lauren Ly, Will Reonas, William Shain, Kiera Slaton, Emma Smith, Daniel Tate, and Alaina White. Their poems were submitted by English teacher Leah Pizzalato.
The freshman poets to be published are Charlie Garrison, Jake Haase, Robby Harrison, Katie Hinkle, Ryan Roper, and Jacob Schmidt. High school English teacher Michele Stanfield submitted their work.