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Runnels Writing Center Tutors Gear Up for New School Year


The Writing Center in our junior and senior high, now in its third full year of operations, is fully staffed and ready to help seventh through twelfth graders improve their writing skills. 
"Our student tutors spent a full day training in August following a curriculum similar to that used by LSU to prepare its writing tutors," said Writing Center Coordinator and Jr./Sr. High Librarian Wendy Herumin.  
Among those at the training session was writing tutor Eric Ho, grade 12, who below offers us a look at the information, fun, and food highlighting the event.
Before this semester began, our Writing Center tutors came back to school for a day of training, as they prepared for the job as writing tutors for the Runnels Jr./Sr. High student body.  Welcomed by the sight of food along with the promise of lunch, the soon-to-be tutors were engaged and ready for learning and discussion. 
The training session started with a lecture by Writing Center Coordinator and Jr./Sr. High Librarian Wendy Herumin and guided readings, both of which discussed the key differences between a tutor and an editor as well as the correct behaviors and actions expected of a proper tutor. 
This was followed by the long awaited lunch, which consisted of the most amazing, wonderful, astonishing croissant sandwiches, with the most crispy, golden potato chips, along with the freshest, ripest fruit, and the most refreshing, ice cold water. Lunch was followed by one of the session’s highlights: an exquisite professional skit of an ideal session between a tutor and a mentee in the Writing Center, performed by Mrs. Herumin and Jr./Sr. High English teacher and Writing Center advisory committee member, Colleen LeBlanc. 
This was turned back onto the tutors. They were divided into groups, with each member playing the role of tutor, “mentee,” and observer in three consecutive rounds. Critiques and praises by the observer were shared with the whole group at the end of each round. 
The session wrapped up with a summary of the discussion as a whole along with the key note lessons. All in all, the students learned and acquired all the necessary teachings, if not more than enough, to be strong and helpful Writing Center tutors for the year 2019-2020.
The student tutors are seniors Catherine Bonaventure, Eric Ho, Ryan Ly, Erin Oehrle, and Aubri Watts; juniors Chris Ortego, Mollybeth Wilkinson, and Chris Yura; and sophomores Gareth Oram, Dawson Latona, Ryan Roper, and Emily Schacht. On the Advisory Committee are Mrs. LeBlanc and Jr./Sr. High English teachers Kylie Harbin and Michelle Stanfield. 
Tutoring is offered during lunch hour on Thursdays in the Writing Center, located in the Jr./Sr. High Library. Students may book appointments through their English teachers. If an alternative time is required, students may contact Mrs. Herumin at