Runnels | Independent School, Baton Rouge


High School Poems Selected for Publication


Original poems written by 32 of our sophomores have been selected for publication in Creative Communication’s A Celebration of Poets Summer 2019. This is the second time many of these students have had their poems published in a Creative Communications anthology. 
The poets and their poems include Emma Allerheiligen, "Growing Up in the South"; Omar Badawi, "A Love Letter to You"; Omid Boushehri, "Unending Assault"; Drew Burbank, "Deforestation"; Charlie Garrison, "Great Blue Heron"; Nick D’Gerolamo, "Rain"; Joshua Freeman, "Sunshine"; Michal Gawronski, "The Sneaky Saboteur"; Marcus Glaze, "A Nation Given Liberty"; Blaiklee Guillot, "Twisted Wires"; Jake Haase, "Outdoors"; Robby Harrison, "The Marbled Salamander"; Katherine Hinkle, "The Measles Infection"; Lunn Hitchcock, "Ode to Despair"; Lindsey Huynh, "Where My Heart Belongs"; Reagan Kyle, "Nature’s War"; Lance LeBlanc, "The Bayou"; Hailey Lester, "Let Me Be the One"; Sydney Mistretta, "The Beginning"; Kyle Nicholson, "California Wildfires"; Gareth Oram, "To All the Wet Blankets"; Abby Robbins, "Orleans"; Ramsey Rogers, "Night"; Ryan Roper, "Say No to Breeding"; Brieanna Saltzman, "Dance of Passion and Death"; Emily Schacht, "Crashing Waves"; Jacob Schmidt, "No More Allergies"; Reese Seymour, "Hometown"; Cooper Smither, "Comical Aspirations"; Jacob Tate, "My Dog Heidi"; Drake Tooraen, "The Early Hours"; and Sydney Worsham, "What Is School For?"          
In a letter to the school, Creative Communications editor Thomas K. Worthen wrote: “The teachers and students of your school should feel honored as thousands of entrants were not invited to be published. Publishing the high merit poems from our contest creates a record of what is important to today’s students.”    
The poems were submitted by high school teacher Michele Stanfield when the students were in her freshman English class last spring.