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Sixth Graders, Kindergartners Buddy Up for STEM Learning


The sixth graders teamed up with their kindergarten buddies on the playground Thursday for the annual Metric Olympics, a STEM activity that provides hands-on practice with metric measurements and conversions, which the older students have been working on in science class.
"The older kids show the kindergartners how to use some measurement tools -- graduated cylinders, triple beam balances, and rulers -- and teach them the different base units in the metric system -- meters, liters, and grams," explained sixth-grade science teacher Julie Fink.
Working together in small groups, the kindergartners did the physical part of each Metric Olympic event, and the sixth graders measured the results and converted them to smaller or larger metric units. The events included the paper plate discus, left-handed sponge squeeze, hammer throw, standing long jump, bean grab, javelin straw throw, and the cotton ball shot put.