Runnels | Independent School, Baton Rouge


Elementary Students Named Library Aides at Runnels School


For the first time ever, the Elementary Library at Runnels School has appointed seven students to be Library Aides. They are fifth graders Emerson Corder, Harper Guay, Andrew Hart, Alex Hayden, Lauren Ly, Ethan Ly, and Emma Smith. 
Their duties will include using the computer to check books in and out, shelving books, helping younger students use the library, and keeping the library tidy.
"Though we have always had students helping in the library," said Elementary Librarian Amanda Albin, "this year we're making it official." 
Earlier in the school year, the seven applicants submitted essays about why they wanted to help in the library. They also were required to get letters of recommendation from a parent or teacher," Ms. Albin added. 
In late September, the group went through training in the library and received special lanyards and name tags identifying them as Library Aides. 
They will follow a daily duty schedule prepared for them by Mrs. Albin and her co-librarian, Leah Pizzalato. 
As a perk, Library Aides will be permitted to check out a fourth library book when all other fifth graders are limited to three.