Runnels | Independent School, Baton Rouge


Soaring ACT Scores for Class of 2019


Runnels’ 2019 graduates headed to college this fall with an academic edge over many other entering freshmen. Their average ACT scores, which measure academic readiness for university-level classes, topped state and national averages. 
At Runnels, the average composite score for the Class of 2019 was 26.1. In comparison, the national average was 20.01, and the state average composite score was 18.8. Our students' average also surpassed that of the two states with the highest composite average, a tie between Massachusetts and Connecticut, at 25.4. (Scores range from 1-36.)
In individual subjects, Runnels' scores were again outstanding. In English, our average was 27.3 compared to 18.7 for the state. In Math, the Runnels average was 24.6 as opposed to the state's 18.2. In Reading, our score of 27.3 dramatically outpaced the state average of 19.2. Runnels students also did well in Science, earning an average score of 24.5 compared to the state's 18.8.